Real Science is Fun

Exploring the world around us and learning how it all works is fun, even for the most reluctant learner.

Real Science is Easy

It’s not hard to learn real science, in fact it’s pretty easy.

Real Science has Gravitas

The word “gravitas” means seriousness and importance of matter and it is vital that the science we teach our kids has a seriousness to it, especially today.

Meet Naomi

Learn about acids and bases from a 6 year old

Naomi is a Real Science-4-Kids student and explains what she learned from our Focus On Elementary Chemistry program. Although she is only 6, she has a good grasp of the concepts presented in the program and now has the vocabulary to start building new concepts as she progresses through the curriculum.

How Does Our Program Work?

Our program is pretty simple. We have two different product lines: The Focus On series, which is a single-subject, semester-long, unit study, that introduces kids to five science subjects (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy). The Building Block series, which is a rigorous, multi-subject, yearlong program where kids build concepts sequentially each year. With either product line, your child will learn science by doing science, much in the same way graduate students and post-docs learn science by doing science: they read, do experiments, research some ideas, read some more, do more experiments, research more ideas, and over time master the subject.

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Building Blocks

  • Grade-level program for K-8.
  • Integrated approach with 5 core subjects in one year.
  • Based on an “upward spiral” teaching method.
  • For parents and teachers who want optimal sequencing outlined for them.
  • Rigorous science course for serious students.
  • Each book level covers one year of study.

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Focus On

  • Age range program for K-4 (elementary) or 5-6 (middle school).
  • Unit study approach where kids ‘focus on’ one subject at a time.
  • Based on a “block” teaching method.
  • For parents and teachers who want to sequence their own science program.
  • Ideal as an introductory level science course.
  • Each subject covers one semester of study.

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Additional Materials

  • Science literature series,
  • High school chemistry,
  • Building Blocks of Science for kindergarten,
  • Experiment books,
  • Games and more!

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Stories from the kitchen table

From Diane

“I wanted to share something pretty exciting about your Chemistry II book! My son, Davey, is a student at New Mexico Tech in Socorro. He is taking chemistry this semester, and it is his very first exposure to the subject, ever. He’s a pretty smart guy, and has had no trouble with algebra, trig., calc., […]

From Suzanne

We have been delighted with the curriculum and have already recommended it to a number of people.  We are all learning so much and it is so clear and easy to understand.  I am an RN, and this is the clearest teaching in chemistry I have ever seen.  I wish that I had been able […]