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Gravitas Publications

Learn more about our Real Science-4-Kids science series and our RATATAZ STEM programs.

A Better Way to Learn Science

For over 20 years, Gravitas Publications Inc. has been a key player in the educational sector, providing a comprehensive range of textbooks, workbooks, and cutting-edge digital science products. Established in 2003 by Dr. Rebecca Woodbury, we have reached thousands of students around the world, supporting their academic growth and helping to build a strong foundation for future careers in science. Serving a varied audience from homeschoolers to students in private, charter, and public schools, our dedication to quality education has been instrumental in fostering a deep understanding of scientific concepts and encouraging the next generation of scientists.

About our Products

Real Science-4-Kids:

Real Science-4-Kids is a complete curriculum for students in grades K-8. Younger students begin with our Lexile scored reader series for an introduction to authentic science. Once students are reading they can switch to our in-depth Science series where students explore the fundamentals of chemistry, biology, geology, physics, and astronomy.


RATATAZ is our answer to STEM kits that include authentic science. RATATAZ kits utilizes a multi-modal learning method where students receive some direct instruction followed by hands-on student-driven inquiry. RATATAZ kits are customized to fit individual students, classrooms or libraries.

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Our Mission

We aim to level the playing field by providing academically rigorous authentic science to all students that is fun and engaging.

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Our Educational Resources company is conveniently located at your fingertips, offering a wide range of services including Online Courses, Study Guides, and Textbooks. While we primarily operate online, our physical headquarters can be found on the map below. Feel free to visit us, or reach out online, and let's make your learning journey an exciting adventure.

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