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We love working with our distributors, bookstores, schools, and co-ops.

We offer bulk discounts and classroom licensing. If you would like to request a sample or discuss the best fit for your organization please contact Melinda Gardiner directly at [email protected]She is more than happy to help find the best curriculum for your school or audience. Please read our Sample Request section for more information on samples.

More Information

Classroom Licensing

Classroom licenses for our digital products are listed below.

Quizzes, Study Notebooks or Graphics Packages

  • Co-op Licensing (5-10 students) : $25.00 each
  • School Licensing (up to 25 students) : $50 each
  • School Licensing (more than 25 students) : Please contact us for pricing : email: [email protected], phone: (505)-266-2761, fax: (505) 266-2762

Lab Workbooks 

  • Display License:
    • If you want to display content in a classroom for demonstration purposes only, you may purchase a Display License for each title you want to reproduce. The Display License is 2.5 times the retail cost of the book. This allows you to use a projector to display sections of the book. This license does not cover full reproduction, printing/copying content, or digital distribution. The license is valid for up to 25 students for one year. If you have more than 25 students, you will need to purchase an additional license.
  • Reproduction License:
    •  If you would like to reproduce the lab notebooks for a co-op or classroom you can purchase a yearly reproduction license.
      • Co-op Licensing (5-10 students) : $100.00
      • School Licensing (up to 25 students) : $200.00


Bulk Discounts

We offer a 30% discount on orders of 20 total items or more. Any combination of individual titles and products may qualify for this discount. However, digital products are not available for resale and may only be used in a classroom or individual setting. Please see our classroom licensing agreement above for more on digital products.

We offer a 40% discount when 40 or more items are purchased.

We offer a 50% discount when 100 or more items are purchased.

Bulk pricing is based on retail price only and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

As always, please contact us if you have questions or would like to further discuss our pricing and licensing. We love supporting our schools, co-ops, bookstores, and resellers, and we will help you get the best possible discount on your order.

Sample Requests

We are always happy to provide a sample to a prospective school or distributor. Please contact Melinda Gardiner at [email protected] to request a sample. You can request up to two sample sets. A sample set includes a Student Text, Lab Notebook and Teacher’s Manual.

Please understand that we cannot ship sample sets to individual homes or residences. However, we are more than happy to provide sample chapters for any individual family. Sample chapters can be viewed here.

Ordering and Invoicing

You may call us at 505-266-2761 or email us at [email protected] to submit your order.

You may also submit a Purchase Order by faxing us at 505-266-2762 or emailing the PO to [email protected] Please do not mail Purchase Orders. Faxing or emailing them will ensure the swiftest processing and delivery of your materials.

Please make sure that you indicate the quantity and exact title in your PO or email. For any digital products for classroom use please indicate the appropriate email to which to deliver them.

We will invoice you within a week of receiving your request. Please indicate on your PO or emailed order the correct email address and fax information for your accounts department. All invoices are sent via email unless otherwise specified on your order. All invoices are net 30.

Defective or Damaged Materials

We will replace any defective or damaged materials you receive. If the materials were damaged during shipping, please document the damages with the shipping company at the time of receipt. This is important information for our printer, allowing them to take action with the shipping company. If you receive damaged materials or discover a misprint, please contact Theresa Garcia at [email protected].

Please ship damaged or misprinted materials to:

Gravitas Publications Inc.

504 Girard Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

We will credit your account for the cost of shipping damaged materials back to us. 


We do not accept returns for bulk orders unless the materials were damaged or misprinted. If you would like to speak with someone regarding a return please Contact Us.