SpaceQuest Day 7 Challenge

Infinity and Beyond – SPACEQUEST!



(SpaceX Rocket Liftoff:



Congratulations, SpaceQuest Cadets! You’ve made it to the final day of the challenge. You’ll notice that the challenge image for today is the SpaceX launch. That’s because today’s challenge is where you take flight on your own journey of space discovery. You’re the explorer of your own uncharted science journey. Never stop asking questions and exploring to discover new things.

Think back through each of the previous 6 challenges and compile what you’ve learned so far. Highlight your favorite experiments. Tell us about your experiences. This is the accountability challenge. It brings together the previous 6 days of learning. Make a photo collage, written essay, or video compilation (2 minutes or less) of your daily reflections. We are excited to hear what you learned about yourself, the space, science, and critical thinking.

Take your time on this experiment. It isn’t due until Friday, August 21st, 10 AM PACIFIC. This is your written or visual thesis and every submission will be reviewed by the Real Science-4-Kids crew.  Dr. Keller is waiting to personally review your learning statements. Then, join her LIVE on Facebook this Saturday at 10 AM PACIFIC. We’ll remind you of the LIVE event time in the Facebook group and via email.

Good luck, Questers. Let the challenge begin!


Remember to post your FINAL findings for the challenge image to the Facebook group’s discussion feed by Friday, August 21st, at 10 AM Pacific. That is how we track your entry so that you are eligible for prizes at the end of the challenge.



  • FINAL submission deadline for all projects: FRIDAY, AUGUST 21ST, 10 AM PACIFIC!

  • End-of-challenge Zoom Party: SATURDAY, AUGUST 22ND, 10 AM PACIFIC!


The instructions for this challenge remain consistent throughout the 7 days. Use this image to create your questions and focus your research. Complete details are given in the downloadable challenge document above. We will also be posting the challenge in the blog section of our website.

Remember: No question is wrong. No question too far fetched. Map out your questions and narrow your focus to just one area of SpaceQuest study. Then, get ready to dive deep, learn big, and create something AMAZING!



For a chance to win the solar system kits or the tabletop telescope:

  • Cadets will track progress each day during the challenge. They can do this by taking pictures of their work, reflecting in a notebook, making a video, or creating a piece of art as part of their daily reflection.
  • Then, post about the challenge in the comments section of the Facebook group, or email us directly at Give us a quick thumbs up or post a picture. We would love to celebrate your success!
  • Day 7 is the accountability challenge. This challenge will bring together the previous 6 days of learning. Cadets will be asked to make a photo collage, written essay, or video compilation (2 minutes or less) of their daily reflections. We are excited to hear what they learned about themselves, SpaceQuest, science, and critical thinking.
  • Final submissions can be sent to One submission can be made for a group as part of a larger organization, or students can be encouraged to enter individually. We leave that up to your discretion. Dr. Keller will choose recipients to receive the SpaceQuest challenge awards.


**Email any questions to