Focus On Laboratory Notebook (3rd Edition)


The Focus On Laboratory Notebooks (3rd Edition) contain the experiments for a single-subject area for any one of the 5 core disciplines (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy). The Lab Notebook is meant to accompany the subject-specific Focus On Student Text and Focus On Teacher’s Manual.

  • There are (12) experiments in each Lab Notebook that align to the chapters in the Student Textbook except Elementary and Middle School Biology have (16) experiments.
  • Students perform their own experiments and collect their own data.
  • Students record their data directly in the Lab Notebook.
  • Subjects and grade levels are purchased separately.

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Accompanies  each Focus On  Student Textbook 3rd Edition. The Elementary  editions contain 24 hands-on experiments, including: observing stars and Moon; building a telescope; modeling eclipses, the planets, an orbit, galaxies, a comet, and brightness of stars; observing the Milky Way Galaxy; observing constellations; and more. 12 chapters. . 128 pages. Grades 1-5.

The Middle School editions contain- 24 experiments including: constellations; measuring distance to faraway objects; modeling eclipses, Moon, planets, and solar system; thought experiments; star maps; using the internet; researching globular clusters and nebulae; more. 12 B&W chapters. 140 pages. Grades 6-8.

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