Focus On High School Chemistry Teacher’s Manual (2nd Edition)


The Focus On High School Teacher’s Manual (2nd Edition) has teacher instructions for a single-subject area for any one of the 5 core disciplines (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy). The Teacher’s Manual is meant to accompany the subject-specific Focus On Student Text and Focus On Lab Workbook.

  • There are (10) chapters that align to the experiments in the Lab Workbook.
  • The front matter contains two materials lists: one by experiment and one by item type.
  • Sample answers are given where appropriate. Note that many questions do not have one fixed answer.
  • Sample results for experiments are shown where appropriate. The experiments have been tested, but your student may have a different outcome.
  • Subjects and grade levels are purchased separately.

Focus On High School Chemistry introduces high-school students to the fundamental terms and concepts found in college-level chemistry.

Topics include: atomic and molecular bonding, orbitals, hybrid orbitals, chemical reactions, balancing chemical equations; acid-base chemistry; mixtures and separating mixtures; carbon chemistry; polymer reactions; protein primary, secondary, and tertiary structure; DNA structure; and more.

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