Focus On High School Chemistry Lab Workbook (2nd Edition)


The Focus On High School Chemistry Lab Workbooks (2nd Edition) contain the experiments for chemistry.

The Lab Workbook is meant to accompany the Focus On Student Text and Focus On Teacher’s Manual.

  • There are (10) experiments in each Lab Workbook that align to the chapters in the Student Textbook.
  • Students perform their own experiments and collect their own data.
  • Students record their data directly in the Lab Workbook.
  • Subjects and grade levels are purchased separately.

Focus On High School Chemistry introduces high-school students to the fundamental terms and concepts found in college-level chemistry.

Topics include: atomic and molecular bonding, orbitals, hybrid orbitals, chemical reactions, balancing chemical equations; acid-base chemistry; mixtures and separating mixtures; carbon chemistry; polymer reactions; protein primary, secondary, and tertiary structure; DNA structure; and much more.

A glossary and pronunciation guide is included at the back of the book along with several appendices that go into more detail than covered in the main text.

This is a one-semester text and can count as half of a high school credit.

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