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Are You…

A Teacher?

As a teacher you wear many hats. You are responsible for getting your kids to read, write, do math, prepare them for testing, and are often required to discipline, parent, and provide emotional support for your students.

When students don’t perform well, it’s often teachers that get blamed. In fact, teacher evaluations and teacher pay are often coupled to how well students perform on standardized tests.

You also know that standardized tests are lousy indicators of a student’s potential, and low scores make students discouraged and disengaged.

If you are a high school teacher, you know that many of your students come to high school science classes unprepared for the material you are required to teach them. Even the best teachers can’t help students build the vocabulary and depth of understanding students need to score well on exams. There simply isn’t enough time to cover all the material in the book! 

However, if your high school students had been using a knowledge-based core curriculum where they had the opportunity to build vocabulary and learn real science concepts starting in first grade, you could simply pick up where your elementary and middle school teachers left off. In fact, you could accelerate what you teach your students because they would already know “the language of science.” Test scores would go up. Parents and students would be happy, and you’d have that pay raise you’re needing.

RS4K does all the heavy lifting for you. RS4K introduces core science ideas that are organized into learning progressions that become more complex as students get older.

An Administrator?

Being a superintendent, principal, curriculum coordinator or STEM instructional materials director is tough work. You have to choose programs that your teachers can use and you have to make sure your students are learning. You are the decision makers when it comes to your school’s curriculum.

You probably already know that most textbooks are provided to schools by only a few top publishers and all these publishers use the same formula; watered down non-technical science in the elementary grades followed by subject specific science courses in high school.

You might think that educational research supports the idea that young children should not learn real chemistry or real physics too early, but in fact the opposite is true.

“Without becoming conversant with the academic language used withing and across content areas, students cannot readily engage in the type of deep learning that will enable them to go beyond the memorization of facts” – How People Learn II, Gee 2004.

Vocabulary is comprehension and we can’t wait until high school to introduce real science.

You might also think that an independent program like RS4K doesn’t have the expertise to create an effective science program especially since our program varies significantly from what everyone else is using. But we think the test scores speak for themselves; the programs you are using already don’t work, why keep using them?

We encourage you to give RS4K a look and see for yourself if the RS4K way can help your students excel.

A School Board Member?

You joined the school board because you want to make a difference in your district or state. Educate yourself on the science programs being used in your schools and understand why real science starting in the elementary grades is necessary for high school science courses.

Learn more about RATATAZ for yourself and see what a difference it could make for your school district.

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