Real science has Gravitas

Gravitas means “very serious, weighty, and important.” When we think of someone who has gravitas, we think of someone who is serious about what they do and how they command themselves.

I picked the word “gravitas” as the Real Science-4-Kids publishing company name over 15 years ago because I wanted to create a science program that was serious science for the serious student who didn’t want to waste time learning things they didn’t need in ways that didn’t work. I wanted a program that could be the stepping stones for kids who wanted to become tomorrow’s astronauts, pharmacists, botanists, explorers, and even just weekend hobbyists. I believe that it is important for kids to know what science really is, how science really works, and what science can really answer. It is also important to know where our knowledge of science is limited and how our ideas about science both help and hinder our ability to understand the world around us and to work together for a better future.

With this in mind, I started writing the Real Science-4-Kids program. Real Science-4-Kids has gravitas. It is serious, weighty, and important even for a first grader. First graders learn about atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, photosynthesis, force, energy, work, and all kinds of other concepts presented to older students in high school and college.

But I didn’t want my program to be “burdensome” or “boring” so I wrote these books in a way that is playful, engaging, and fun. Real Science has gravitas, but it is also a blast to learn if you have the right information, questions, and hands-on experiments. I think I got pretty close. No program is perfect, but I am happy with the Real Science-4-Kids books. They have just enough gravitas to make a difference in kids’ lives and just enough playful content and illustrations to make them fun.

Dr. Keller