Zappity Zap Zap!


In this simply written, colorful book young readers are introduced to electricity—a basic physics concept. Electricity is a general term for electrical energy. The movement of electrons from atom to atom creates the electrical energy that makes batteries and toasters work and doorknobs give shocks. 24 pp.

Reading Level 1-3, Interest Level 2-5.



Zappity ZAP ZAP! A Look at Electricity is a simply written, colorful science book that introduces young readers to electricity—a basic concept in physics. Students learn that electricity can cause hair to be attracted to a balloon, give a shock, run toys, and make toast. Electricity is a general term for electrical energy, and it comes from the electrons in atoms. Energy is needed to do work, which happens when a force moves an object. Force is defined as any action that changes the location, shape, or speed of an object. Atoms make up everything we touch, taste, smell, and see. Sometimes electrons hop from atom to atom. The movement of electrons from atom to atom is what creates electrical energy and causes hair to stand up, batteries to make toy planes fly, doorknobs to give you a shock, and a toaster to heat bread.

24 full color, illustrated pages.

Reading Level 1-3, Interest Level 2-5. Includes a pronunciation guide for scientific terms.

Keywords: physics; elementary; reader; science; home school; Real Science-4-Kids; electrons; force; work; energy; speed; atoms; batteries; electrical energy

  • These are 24 page full-color readers for younger students as a read-alone or with parent/teacher assisted reading.
  • Also great for students with learning challenges or ESL students.

ISBN  978-1-950415-25-0

Pub Date:  10/7/20

Lexile measure:  620L

Word count:  255

BISAC Juvenile Nonfiction

JNF051140      JUVENILE NONFICTION / Science & Nature / Physics

JNF045000      JUVENILE NONFICTION / Readers / Beginner