Building Blocks Teacher’s Manual


  • Black & white, softcover, Teacher’s Manual
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The Building Blocks Teacher’s Manual has teacher instructions for the Building Blocks Student Text and Laboratory Notebook.

  • There are (22) chapters that align to the experiments in the Student Textbook.
  • The front matter contains two materials lists: one by experiment and one by item type.
  • Sample answers are given where appropriate. Note that many questions do not have one fixed answer.
  • Sample results for experiments are shown where appropriate. The experiments have been tested, but your student may have a different outcome.
  • Book levels are purchased separately.

When your book arrives:

  • To help preserve the binding, open your new book gently towards the front, in the middle, and towards the back, repeating at different pages. Try not to press the binding flat as this may cause pages to fall out.
  • Use the directions for performing and guiding each experiment.
  • Read the overall objectives for each experiment.
  • Use the suggested questions to guide open inquiry.

Teacher’s Manuals

  • Black & white on white paper
  • 22 chapters
  • Softcover
  • 8.5″ x 11″


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