Building Blocks Book K


  • softcover color and activity book





Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Book K is a fun way for little scientists to begin learning basic science concepts. Activities such as making observations, performing simple experiments, drawing, coloring, and filling in the blanks make it easy to introduce young kids to science. Basic concepts are covered in an easy to understand manner and include: atoms, molecules, chemical bonding, living and non-living things, viruses and bacteria, sorting animals into groups (taxonomy), static electricity, force, work, waves, light, observing the local environment, the size of Earth, volcanoes and earthquakes, planets, the Moon and the Sun, stars, galaxies, and more. Book K contains activities for the five core science subjects: chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and geology. It is packed full of black and white illustrations that are fun and great for coloring, and the book is perfect for younger siblings who want to learn science along with the older kids. It is also a very helpful introduction to the Focus On Series books.


  • This is an activity/coloring book and is an introduction for younger students and not meant to be used as a full curriculum.
  • Subjects are not discussed in detail and the text is not structured.
  • Follows the same subject sequence as the other Building Block books (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy)
  • The activities are designed to be fun and simple with the singular goal of introducing younger students to the subjects they will be learning in Book 1.
  • Black & white on white paper
  • 208 pages
  • Softcover
  • 8.5″ x 11″


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