About Us

Gravitas Publications Inc. 

It began in 2003 with a simple concept – create easy to understand real science textbooks for kids. Something virtually no other textbook publisher was doing. Fast forward to the present….and we’re redefining the way kids learn science.

Welcome to Real Science-4-Kids®. Gravitas Publications Inc. offers the world’s most comprehensive science curriculum for kids: Real Science-4-Kids. We have a single subject track called the Focus On series and a multi-subject track called the Building Block series.

Each book set in both our Focus On and Building Block series comes with a full-color student text, easy-to-use teacher’s manual and an engaging student laboratory notebook. Each book covers the basic building blocks for real science in an easy-to-understand yet scientifically sound approach. Students learn about atoms, molecules, forces, taxonomy, stars, rocks, minerals, earth’s layers and all the essential concepts that together shape science.

Gravitas Publications Inc. currently works with over 50 distributors and schools nationally and internationally to bring Real Science-4-Kids to all 50 states and over 15 countries.