Focus On Elementary Astronomy Laboratory Notebook (3rd Edition)


Accompanies the Focus On  Student Textbook 3rd Edition.

Contain 24 hands-on experiments, including: observing stars and Moon; building a telescope; modeling eclipses, the planets, an orbit, galaxies, a comet, and brightness of stars; observing the Milky Way Galaxy; observing constellations; and more. 12 chapters. . 128 pages. Grades 1-5.

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The Focus On Laboratory Notebooks (3rd Edition) contains the experiments for a single-subject area for any one of the 5 core disciplines (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy). The Lab Notebook is meant to accompany the subject-specific Focus On Student Text and Focus On Teacher’s Manual.

  • There are (12) experiments in each Lab Notebook that align to the chapters in the Student Textbook except Elementary and (12) Just for Fun Experiments where students design an experiment of their own. Middle School Biology has (16) chapter experiments and (16) Just for Fun Experiments.
  • Students perform their own experiments and collect their own data.
  • Students record their data directly in the Lab Notebook.
  • Subjects and grade levels are purchased separately.


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