Kids want real science

Kids learn at an astonishing rate, and from the time they are born, they begin to absorb everything around them. Kids are curious about the world they live in, and as soon as they can, they start asking questions. They want to know how plants grow, where butterflies come from, why the sun is warm, and how spiders spin a web.

It isn’t enough to give kids simple or goofy answers. They want real answers. Their questions are serious┬ábecause they are in the very important stage of learning everything they can about the world around them. They want us to give them real answers to their very real questions, and they know when we aren’t giving them what they want.

But giving real answers for science questions can be difficult for many parents. If science wasn’t your thing in school or if you had a bad experience in a science class or two, learning enough science to satisfy your curious young researcher may be painful.

Real Science-4-Kids makes giving your child real answers easier. You don’t have to have a PhD in science to┬áteach your kids real science and give them real answers to their questions. Real Science-4-Kids helps you give your kids a good foundation, and as the lessons build, one-on-top of the other, your child begins to see a bigger and bigger picture for how things work in the physical and natural world. Real Science-4-Kids is research oriented so you learn science with your child. As you guide the open inquiry questions and help your child look up their own answers, you find out that you too start to understand the bigger picture that is science!