What Materials Do I Need?

Click on the link below to download the materials list for Building Blocks and Focus On experiments.

What Materials Do I Need?

Online Resources

Some experiments require additional items that need to be ordered. Below is a list of resources we have found that work with our experiments. If you cannot locate an item or if you find a product that works please let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

General Supplies

  • Home Science Tools : Home Science Tools carries kits specifically assembled for Real Science-4-Kids products.
  • Amazon: Amazon carries a variety of magnets, batteries, alligator clips, frog, and butterfly hatcheries and other basic items.
  • Apex Magnets: a great resource for all kinds of magnets.
  • Radio Shack: carries all of the wires, clips, LEDs and batteries needed for physics experiments.

Specific Items

  • Eosin Y: This stain is used to stain baker’s yeast and can be substituted for Congo Red. Purchase Eosin Y online from Home Science Tools, or Amazon.
  • Liquid laundry starch: Can be purchased from most grocery stores. You can also purchase liquid laundry starch from Amazon.
  • Not all antacids work the same for the red cabbage experiment. Here is an example of results you may get with different antacids.


A Handy Bin for Materials

Watch Dr. Keller explain how to sort and organize materials for the hands-on experiments.

A similar bin on wheels can be found at Amazon.