How do I teach multiple grade levels?

You can teach multiple grade levels in a couple of different ways:

Using the Focus On series

  • If you want to use the Focus On series and teach your children using a unit study approach, you can purchase both the Elementary and Middle School levels for each subject. The topics at each level align with the middle school series going into more detail than the elementary series, but still covering a similar topic. The laboratory experiments also overlap. Middle school students complete a full experiment and the elementary students focus on the first step of the scientific method, making a good observation.
  • To teach multiple grade levels simply purchase the same subject at each grade level. For example, if you want to teach chemistry purchase the Focus On Elementary Chemistry bundle and the Middle School Chemistry bundle.

Using the Building Blocks series

  • If you want to use the Building Block series it is helpful to know that the Building Block series uses a spiral approach meaning that the subjects build on each other starting in Book 1 and the sequence repeats in Book 5.
  •  To use the Building Block series you can teach the following book levels together.
    • Book 1 and Book 5
    • Book 2 and Book 6
    • Book 3 and Book 7
    • Book 4 and Book 8


What is the best way to engage a child who does not like science?

Let’s face it, some kids (and adults) just don’t like science. When the science books get pulled out some students react with boredom, indifference, and fear. But knowing some science and understanding how science works is important for everyone, not just scientists.

So how do you engage a child who doesn’t like science? Here are a few tips that can help:

  1. Start with what they are already passionate about
  2. Focus on chemistry and physics
  3. Cultivate your own interest in science
  4. Go outside
  5. Play