Where can I buy Real Science-4-Kids?

You can purchase our books directly from this website or from one of our distributors. If you live overseas, we may have an overseas distributor. Just contact us and we can let you know what’s the best purchasing option for you.

Do I need all three books (Student Text, Teacher's Manual, and Lab Workbook) to teach this program?

We recommend getting all three books at the very minimum. The laboratory experiments are critical for teaching real science and the Teacher’s Manual will help provide guidance, materials lists, and possible outcomes.

Does Real Science-4-Kids have a Christian or secular worldview?

All of the books introduce real science to students and this means scientific facts and theories that are currently accepted by the scientific community. However, the books also introduce students to the philosophy of science and encourage students to explore opposing viewpoints when it comes to interpreting what these facts and theories may mean to individuals, groups, and the larger community.

Can I return the program if I don't like it?

We have a 30-day return policy. If you don’t like our print books just wrap them up, put them in a box, and ship them back to us and we’ll give you a full refund. We ask that the books be undamaged and not marked up or written in. Unfortunately, we cannot refund digital products.

How do I assemble the study notebook?

Building Blocks Study Notebook Assembly Tutorial