CoronaQuest Day 12

CoronaQuest Day 12 Challenge is Here!



Eureka! Sometimes the answer you’re looking for is right in front of you. Other times you have to work very hard to find a solution. In science, answers aren’t always easily attainable, but if you keep asking questions and experimenting, eventually you will discover new information. For instance, scientists are currently experimenting to discover ways to help sick people. Some treatments will work and some won’t. However, all these attempts are important, even the ones that fail.

How do you think scientists go about finding solutions to problems? There are so many questions to explore. We can’t wait to see what questions and solutions you will discover today! Look closely at the image. What do you see? Think as creatively as can be. Research and explore your favorite questions and record your findings for us to see.

Good luck, Questers. Let the challenge begin!


Reference File:

Use this reference file to support learning if your child is having difficulty formulating their own questions. These videos are not meant to direct learning, only support subjects of interest initiated by your student.

Building Blocks Book 7: Ch17, Solve One Problem-CQuest



Remember to use your imagination and ask a lot of questions. You never know where your questions and experiments will lead. It’s totally up to you. Think big! Watch out for the pitfalls of “perfection” along the way. This challenge is about thinking creatively, not finding a right answer. We are here to cheer you on and lead the way.

The instructions for this challenge remain consistent throughout the 16 days, so Questers know what to expect and can be self-directed while learning to think big. No question is wrong. No question too farfetched. Map out your questions and narrow your focus to just one area of CoronaQuest study. Then, get ready to dive deep, learn big, and create something AMAZING!


The daily image and instructions can be downloaded here: Daily Challenge_12

Don’t forget to reference your 101 Super Simple Science Experiments download for activity ideas!


Instructor Tips:

  • Questers will track progress each day during the challenge. They can do this by taking pictures of their work, reflecting in a notebook, making a video, or creating a piece of art as part of their daily reflection.
  • Then, post about the challenge in the comments section of the Facebook group. Give us a quick thumbs up or post a picture. We would love to celebrate your successes as you move through CoronaQuest!
  • Day 16 is the accountability challenge. This challenge will bring together the previous 15 days of learning. Questers will be asked to make a photo collage, written essay, or video compilation (2 minutes or less) of their daily reflections. We are excited to hear what they learned about themselves, the coronavirus, science, and critical thinking.
  • Final submissions can be sent to [email protected] One submission can be made for a group as part of a larger organization, or students can be encouraged to enter individually. We leave that up to your discretion. Dr. Keller would love to send a personal note in celebration of completing the journey.