CoronaQuest Day 1

                     Welcome to CoronaQuest!


You are now entering uncharted territory where each chosen path is unique. How many twists and turns your path takes is up to you as a Quester. Each Quester will receive the same daily challenge image, but where your questions and experiments lead is totally up to you. Think big!

Watch out for the pitfalls of “perfection” along the way. This challenge is about thinking creatively, not finding a right answer. We will be here to cheer you on and lead the way. In fact, our own team of Questers (team name “Spoquaranteamed”) will be moving through the quest right alongside you.

For the day 1 challenge, Spoquaranteamed asked a lot of questions after studying the focus image. Then, they narrowed their focus to dig deep and discover what the little red spikes were that protruded from the big sphere in the middle. They learned that the red spikes were called peplomers and that they are triangular in shape on the coronavirus, but that not all peplomers are triangle shaped.

The instructions for this challenge remain consistent throughout the 16 days, so Questers know what to expect and can be self-directed while learning to think big. No question is wrong. No question too farfetched. Map out your questions and narrow your focus to just one area of CoronaQuest study. Then, get ready to dive deep, learn big, and create something AMAZING!

Daily image and instructions can be downloaded here: Daily Challenge 1

Reference material can be downloaded here:

Building Blocks book 1 Ch9 -Viruses-Bacteria-Archaea

Building Blocks book 5 Ch9 -Viruses-Bacteria-Archaea


For a chance to win the microscope or iPad:

  • Questers will track progress each day during the challenge. They can do this by taking pictures of their work, reflecting in a notebook, making a video, or creating a piece of art as part of their daily reflection.
  • Then, post about the challenge in the comments section of the daily post in the Facebook group, or email us directly at [email protected] Give us a quick thumbs up or post a picture. We would love to celebrate your success!
  • Day 16 is the accountability challenge. This challenge will bring together the previous 15 days of learning. Questers will be asked to make a photo collage, written essay, or video compilation (2 minutes or less) of their daily reflections. We are excited to hear what they learned about themselves, the coronavirus, science, and critical thinking.
  • Final submissions can be sent to [email protected] One submission can be made for a group as part of a larger organization, or students can be encouraged to enter individually. We leave that up to your discretion. Dr. Keller will choose 2 recipients to receive the CoronaQuest challenge awards.