From Suzanne

We have been delighted with the curriculum and have already recommended it to a number of people.  We are all learning so much and it is so clear and easy to understand.  I am an RN, and this is the clearest teaching in chemistry I have ever seen.  I wish that I had been able to use it for my now graduated children.


From Diane

“I wanted to share something pretty exciting about your Chemistry II book! My son, Davey, is a student at New Mexico Tech in Socorro. He is taking chemistry this semester, and it is his very first exposure to the subject, ever. He’s a pretty smart guy, and has had no trouble with algebra, trig., calc., or physics, but has been just overwhelmed with the amount and difficulty of the information in his chemistry class. He had Friday off, due to Homecoming activities, and came up to the house. I’d told him about your book, and he spent three hours poring over it. Then several more hours on Saturday. His enthusiasm was tremendous. He said that concepts which had been presented in the most difficult manner possible in his college text, were suddenly clear to him after reading your book. He said that he feels as if he has a foundation, now, but really needs the next book—to bridge the still-wide gap to his college text. Is there a Chemistry III? If so, I will buy it for him immediately.”  Diane