Winter Science Project – Making Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Winter is a magical time filled with many holiday traditions and seasonal changes. All of us at Real Science-4-Kids want to share this little wintertime experiment with you and spread the seasonal joy. Did you know you can grow your own snowflake ornaments using common household materials? If you would like to try it, follow […]

Learning Real Science: Student Notebooks for Book 5 and Up

  Some of you have noticed that our study notebooks for books 5 and up are different than the study notebooks for books 1-4. The study notebooks for books 1-4 are full color with activities such as fill-in-the-blank, simple question and answer, and mini-experiments. These study notebooks reinforce the information presented in the student texts […]

The Benefits of Failure

Olivia was an athlete, a successful one. She knew what it felt like to win because she regularly tasted the sweetness of victory. Orange bits of dyed polyurethane track pressed on fingertips. Stomach muscles knotted into a tight ball of nervousness as the starting gun was about to be raised skyward. Running was in her […]


Our central goal at Real Science-4-Kids is to assist youngsters in discovering joy and passion in the wonderful scientific world. The field of science is exciting! It’s growing every day with new breakthroughs and innovations. Careers in the science field are increasing at such a fast pace that there aren’t enough professionals to fill open […]

Science Careers: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Children are often asked what they want to be when they grow up. Doctor, lawyer, teacher, firefighter, police officer, or veterinarian are a few of the typical answers one might expect. They excitedly draw pictures of gallant firefighters on ladders rescuing cats from trees, or detail rosy classrooms filled with perfectly behaving children. Pretend playtime […]


If you’re like some, you’ve got both feet firmly planted in summer break — adorned with goggles, water balloons, a good book, and a steadfast denial that school is right around the corner. Or, maybe you’re one of those families that actually loves school and, in fact, has never stopped teaching long enough to notice […]

A Word From Dr. Keller

When Dr. Keller began homeschooling her children, she quickly spotted a deficiency in the available curriculum for her professional specialty, science. Some might have viewed the situation with a spirit of resignation. Dr. Keller, however, saw it as a challenge and a call to action. She identified what needed to be improved and then worked […]

Real Science Heroes: Attack of the Killer C. Gattii

Real Science-4-Kids wants to recognize youthful ingenuity in the field of science as part of our Real Science Heroes blog series. Enjoy this celebration of a budding scientist who, through a school science fair project, made a real-world difference. ~ For many days an unsuspecting California resident, let’s call her Shirley, had been suffering from […]

Real science has Gravitas

Gravitas means “very serious, weighty, and important.” When we think of someone who has gravitas, we think of someone who is serious about what they do and how they command themselves. I picked the word “gravitas” as the Real Science-4-Kids publishing company name over 15 years ago because I wanted to create a science program […]

Real Science is Easy

It’s easy to teach someone real science. In fact, children are already primed to learn real science. Kids are natural explorers and with every step onto green grass, the taste of something sweet, or a piqued interest in a curious sound, they are learning about the world around them. Real science is not much more […]