Grade 5 Science Online Course (Yearly Subscription)

Grade 5 Science Online Course (Yearly Subscription)

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Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Grade 5 Online Course has 22 chapters and follows the same chapter sequence as Building Blocks Book 5. The online course gives students an in-depth look at the atomic model and periodic table, chemical bonding, how to define living organisms, biological cells, viruses, bacteria, force, energy, and work, plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes, Earth's layers, the Moon and the Sun, terrestrial and Jovian planets, and much more.  

This is a self-directed course your student takes at their own pace. At the end of each activity there a discussion question or poll to further engage your student. Each lesson also has a self-test for review. 

This is an open access course and you will have access to all of the chapters for a year. 

Included with your purchase is a free lesson plan to help you keep track of the lessons and record notes.

Click on the link in the downloadable file to access your course.