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Why Real Science-4-Kids?

Teach real science.

Real Science-4-kids is unique science program that introduces young children to the core scientific disciplines of chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy and geology. 

STEM fields are growing at an unprecedented rate and every parent, teacher, school wants to provide their students with the best math and science programs. Real Science-4-Kids provides students with the fundamental building blocks that they need to succeed.

From our mailbox:

“I wanted to share something pretty exciting about your Chemistry I! book! My son, Davey, is a student at New Mexico Tech in Socorro. He is taking chemistry this semester, and it is his very first exposure to the subject, ever. He’s a pretty smart guy, and has had no trouble with algebra, trig., calc., or physics, but has been just overwhelmed with the amount and difficulty of the information in his chemistry class. He had Friday off, due to Homecoming activities, and came up to the house. I’d told him about your book, and he spent three hours poring over it. Then several more hours on Saturday. His enthusiasm was tremendous. He said that concepts which had been presented in the most difficult manner possible in his college text, were suddenly clear to him after reading your book. He said that he feels as if he has a foundation, now, but really needs the next book—to bridge the still-wide gap to his college text. Is there a Chemistry III? If so, I will buy it for him immediately.”



Don't take it from us, watch Naomi: a Real Science-4-Kids first grader


Kids ask real science questions and it’s important to provide them with the tools needed for discovering real science answers. Real Science-4-Kids provides these tools with a unique science program that introduces young children to the core scientific disciplines of chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy. While teaching science concepts and facts, the Real Science-4-Kids curriculum also encourages the use of critical thinking skills, experimentation, and creativity. With Real Science-4-Kids students learn real science concepts in a sequential and logical order, beginning with the basic building blocks of science and expanding on these concepts as kids advance in grade level.

When kids are encouraged to use their curiosity to ask questions about the world around them and to develop the tools they need to arrive at real science answers, the students of today will be able to solve real-world problems of the future: problems such as how to feed growing numbers of people and how to provide energy to fuel all of our endeavors while at the same time protecting the environment. Many diseases that shorten or diminish people’s lives are waiting for cures to be discovered. Some of these problems are merely science puzzles waiting to be solved. With the Real Science-4-Kids curriculum kids will gain a solid foundation in the knowledge and tools needed to enable them to find solutions to tomorrow’s real-world science problems.

Choosing a Curriculum

We offer two choices of science curriculum, both of which offer a solid foundation in the five core areas of science: chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy. Exploring the Building Blocks of Science is a year-long graded program, while the Focus On series provides unit studies. Both series are available for grades K-8 and feature a Student Text, Teacher’s Manual, and Laboratory Workbook for each level. 

Focus On Series | Single Subject Track

The Focus On Series is a semester-long unit study that encourages kids to ‘focus on’ one subject at a time. This series is offered for an age range of either elementary or middle school. The Focus On Series is based on a “block” teaching method, where focused learning is condensed to a shorter “block” of time. It was purposed for those parents and teachers who want to sequence their own science program, and for those that want a solid introductory level science course. The Focus On Series is also beneficial for a student with an inherent interest in one particular area of science, since one subject at a time is presented. 

Each unit study has a Student Text, Laboratory Workbook, and Teacher’s Manual, and each book contains 10 chapters. The Laboratory Workbook has hands-on real science experiments that coincide with the material covered in the Student Text. The Teacher’s Manual has objectives for each experiment, questions for open inquiry, instructions for guiding the students in conducting the experiments, and complete lists of materials needed.

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Building Blocks Series | Multi-Subject Track

The Building Block Series is a year-long program that integrates the 5 core disciplines of science into one book for each grade. It’s based on a nourishing upward-spiral teaching method where disciplines are repeatedly visited and built upon over months and across grades. This method was chosen because it is proven to lead to better long-term mastery of facts and concepts. Spiral learning is effective for all learners, including struggling learners, and is the first research-based recommendation in a practice guide from the U. S. Department of Education’s Institute of Educational Sciences (Pashler et al., 2007). 

The Building Block Series introduces the foundational concepts starting in first grade, and then builds on those concepts each year. Science is unique because the disciplines are so interlaced. To teach one subject it requires a foundational understanding of another. This program is specifically designed to address the overlapping of disciplines and, as a result, it will increase the depth of student comprehension. Parents and teachers who want a year-long program that has the optimal sequencing outlined for them, with information being introduced according to appropriate spacing guidelines, should choose this option. By the time students have finished 8th grade science, they will have a solid foundation in all of the 5 core science subjects which will make high school science easy for them. 

The Building Blocks Grade K book is an activity book that introduces young students to real science terms and concepts through activities such as making observations, drawing and coloring, and performing simple experiments.

The Building Blocks books for Grades 1-8 have a Student Text, Laboratory Notebook, and Teacher’s Manual for each grade. The books contain four chapters of each of the five core science subjects (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy) and an introductory and concluding chapter for a total of 22 chapters per book. The Laboratory Notebook presents two hands-on real science experiments (a primary experiment and a "Just for Fun" experiment) for each chapter of the Student Textbook for a total of 44 experiments. The Teacher’s Manual has objectives for each experiment, questions for open inquiry, instructions for guiding the students in conducting the experiments, and complete lists of materials needed. Since the Building Blocks Series is a yearlong program, it provides more content than the unit study Focus On series, and each successive book builds on the concepts learned in the previous books as well as introducing new concepts.

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Supplementary Materials

Quizzes are available for each of the Focus On series and Building Blocks series Student Texts. These are digital files.

Study Folders are available to accompany the Focus On series Student Texts. Study Folders are digital books that use fun activities to reinforce concepts learned in the Student Texts.

Super Simple Science Experiments are stand-alone books containing simple experiments that break down the steps of scientific investigation so students can focus on one aspect of scientific inquiry at a time. The experiments are easy to do, use inexpensive materials, and help students develop the skills they need for real scientific investigation. Each experiment is one page, lists a short objective, the materials needed, and a brief outline. There is a separate book of experiments for each of the five core science subjects: chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy, and also a book that contains the experiments for all five subjects. 

What materials do I need?


You will need a Student Textbook, a Teacher’s Manual, a Laboratory Workbook (Focus On series) or Laboratory Notebook (Building Blocks series), and materials for experiments for each unit or grade level you teach. 


Each Teacher’s Manual contains a complete list of materials needed for each experiment. Most of the materials required are common household items or items that can be purchased at a grocery or department store. A few items (a butterfly kit, for example) need to be ordered, and suggested suppliers of these items are noted in the Teacher’s Manual. 

All the experiments are based on real science inquiry and teach kids how to follow the scientific method. Each experiment delves deeper into one or more concepts covered in the text. Mixing laundry starch and white glue is just a meaningless demonstration until you incorporate the chemistry and physics of polymers. Going on a nature walk becomes more than just an outing. It becomes immensely educational when you can imagine a habitat and how it fits into the ecosystem and the greater biome.


Supplementary materials such as quizzes, study folders, or extra experiments are not necessary to teach the curriculum. However, many families find these materials useful. 

Where should I place my student?

Where your student should start depends on previous exposure to science and reading level. Our elementary levels for the Focus On Series and Building Blocks Books 1-4 are focused on students at grades 1-4. Our middle school levels for the Focus On and Building Blocks Books 5-8 are focused on students at grades 5-8. 

Students do not need to start with the the elementary levels in order to move to the middle school levels. A student with proficient science in the earlier grades can start in the middle school levels. 

If you purchase a level and find that your student needs a different level, please Contact Us. We're happy to swap out your books for a different level! We have a 30 day replacement policy so that you can be sure you have the right fit for your student. 

Book Bundles

Book bundles contain all the necessary materials you need to teach Real Science-4-Kids. We offer two bundles, a basic Book Bundle and a Study Bundle. The Study Bundle contains quizzes and the study folder materials. Save when you purchase a bundle! Product bundles offer free shipping and bundle pricing.

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