Focus On Middle School Physics Study Folder

Focus On Middle School Physics Study Folder

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Single Family License 0.00
Co-Op License 3-10 Students 25.00
Classroom License 11-30 Students 50.00

The Focus On Middle School Physics Study Folder* is a downloadable, printable PDF file that is a creative, fun, hands-on way for your student to review the concepts covered in Real Science-4-Kids Middle School Physics. Each colorful, interactive set includes activities such as fill-in-the-blank, drawing, writing, cut and paste, and more. Arrives with complete instructions. Your student will assemble the pieces in a tri-fold study folder using two manila folders that you supply. An answer key for the teacher is included. (Study Folder and Answer Key each have 21 pages)

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*All digital files are copyrighted by Gravitas Publications Inc. and may not be reproduced without permission. This digital file includes a FREE Single Family License. This license entitles the purchaser to use digital files on multiple mobile and computer devices and to make photocopies for multiple children within a single family. Please purchase a 1 yr. Co-op License for 5-10 students or a 1 yr. Classroom License for up to 30 students.

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Co-Op License 3-10 Students:
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