Focus On Elementary Chemistry Student Textbook

Focus On Elementary Chemistry Student Textbook

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The Focus On Elementary Chemistry Student Textbook introduces young students to the basic building blocks of chemistry. Students will explore the basic concepts of atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, acids and bases, mixtures, food and taste, polymers, proteins, DNA, and more. The Focus On Elementary Chemistry Student Textbook is clearly written and easy to understand with ten full-color chapters and many illustrations. It is suitable for grades K-4 and can be used as a supplemental textbook for middle school.  (Softcover 84 pp)  Hardcover available ($20 upgrade).

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The Focus On Elementary Chemistry Student Textbook has an accompanying Laboratory Workbook and Teacher's Manual.

Note: The Focus On Series is a one-semester introductory science curriculum that focuses on one science subject at a time. In this single subject curriculum students will gain a solid basic understanding of science concepts and terminology to prepare them for further study. For a more in-depth, yearlong curriculum, see our Building Blocks Series.

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Chemistry is in reach for the youngest learner
Written by S. Churbanova on Feb 8th 2016

Very nice book. I read this book to my 5yr old for kindergarten science because it says it's for K-4. My son loved it. He colored corresponding pictures in the K Building Blocks of Science Workbook chemistry section. The concepts are pure chemistry put so simply. I don't know that my son will become a chemist but then again after this section of science and the simple child-friendly explanations of chemistry, he just might. He loved it, I loved it! Science really is not intimidating with Real Science 4 Kids. Highly recommend.