Focus On Elementary Biology Student Textbook

Focus On Elementary Biology Student Textbook

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The Focus On Elementary Biology Student Textbook introduces young students to the scientific discipline of biology. Students will learn about the characteristics of living things; how scientists sort living things into groups (taxonomy); cells and their makeup and functions; how plants make food; parts of a plant and their functions; life cycles of plants, butterflies, and frogs; microscopic organisms and how they move and eat; and more. The Focus On Elementary Biology Student Textbook is clearly written and easy to understand with ten full-color chapters and many illustrations. It is suitable for grades K-4. (Softcover 90 pages)  Hardcover available ($20 upgrade) .

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The Focus On Elementary Biology Student Textbook has an accompanying Laboratory Workbook and Teacher's Manual.

Note: The Focus On Series is a one-semester introductory science curriculum that focuses on one science subject at a time. In this single subject curriculum students will gain a solid basic understanding of science concepts and terminology to prepare them for further study. For a more in-depth, yearlong curriculum, see our Building Blocks Series.

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I love these books.
Written by S. Churbanova on Feb 8th 2016

I found out about this company through a homeschooling guidebook. I was looking for a science program that was comprehensive yet neutral. I didn't want creationism or evolutionist ideas peppered in the program. So I ordered one book to read for myself and was pleasantly surprised. This comprehensive program of science disciplines sticks just to scientific facts; and it's refreshing. You can see the real beauty of Science for yourself and how to convey that clearly to your child in a simple and fun way. I read this Biology K-4 to my son in conjunction with the K Building Blocks of Science Workbook biology unit. We had already finished the chemistry unit seamlessly and it was time for biology. Just as I did for chemistry, he colored the pictures in the workbook as I read a chapter in the biology book. I made him repeat the highlighted words as I read. He colored pictured that corresponded to the pictures to be colored. And he liked it! He loves science. He's just 5 and I know he doesn't remember everything we read but he's been exposed to biology. I'm so excited. It was not scary or boring for him or me. Now next year it will go through this book again with the 1st grade Building Blocks program and add the next layer of biology learning. I can see how the program will build through his elementary years in all disciplines of Science. When we finish up in 6th grade he will be a master at science basics in chemistry, biology, physics, geology and astronomy. Not bad! Bravo Real Science 4 Kids! Bravo.