Building Blocks Book 7 Bundle

Building Blocks Book 7 Bundle

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The Building Blocks Book 7 Bundle includes a softcover Student Textbook (422 pp), a softcover Teacher's Manual (116 pp), and a softcover Laboratory Notebook (264 pp). Also included are a downloadable and printable Lesson Plan, a complementary set of midterm and final quizzes, and FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders.  For Canada and international shipping charges call us at (505)-266-2761, or email

Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Book 7 Student Textbook has 22 chapters and introduce students to foundational scientific concepts and terminology presented clearly and in a manner that’s easy for kids to understand, giving kids a solid base on which to build a further study of science. This yearlong curriculum contains four chapters each of five scientific disciplines: chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy, as well as an introduction to the material covered and a concluding chapter, for a total of 22 chapters. The many graphics in this full color textbook reinforce the concepts presented and make the book fun for kids and teachers alike to read.  
Some of the topics covered are: chemistry—mixtures and separating mixtures, organic chemistry, polymers, and biological polymers; biology—types of plants, the chemistry of photosynthesis, and plant structure and reproduction; physics—chemical energy, electrostatics, electrodynamics, and magnetism; geology—the hydrosphere, cycles and ecology in the biosphere, the magnetosphere, and Earth as a system; astronomy—galaxies, the Milky Way Galaxy, and the birth and death of stars.  
This Student Textbook is accompanied by Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Book 7 Laboratory Notebook (experiments) and Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Book 7 Teacher’s Manual. 


This is an advanced science text and students should already be familiar with The Periodic Table, the atom as a fundamental building block of matter, protons, neutrons, electrons, electron bonding, chemical reactions, force, energy, work, inertia, momentum, taxonomy of living things, the cell as a fundamental unit of life, the basic structure of Earth, the difference between stars and planets, the solar system, and galaxies. If your student is not familiar with these topics, please purchase Book 5 or Book 6 or the Focus On Middle individual subjects before using this text.