Building Blocks Book 5 (Grade 5) Student Textbook (Softcover)

Building Blocks Book 5 (Grade 5) Student Textbook (Softcover)

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The Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Book 5 Student Textbook introduces students to foundational scientific concepts and terminology. Real science concepts are explained clearly and in a manner that is easy for kids to understand. Using this book gives kids a solid base on which to  build a further study of science. This year-long curriculum contains four chapters each of five scientific disciplines: chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy, as well as an introductory and a concluding chapter for a total of 22 chapters. The many graphics in this full color textbook reinforce the concepts presented and make the book fun for kids and teachers alike to read. Topics covered include: atomic models and the periodic table, bonding, how to define living organisms, biological cells, viruses, bacteria, force, energy, work, plate tectonics, Earth's layers, terrestrial and Jovian planets, the Moon and the Sun, and much more. Students are also introduced to the history and philosophy of science and learn about the alchemists, how philosophical maps help us understand science, understanding the laws of physics, how to interpret geological data, how the views of the cosmos have changed over time, and much more.  (Softcover 224 pp)

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The Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Book 5 Student Textbook has an accompanying Laboratory Workbook and Teacher's Manual.


Note: The Building Blocks Series is a yearlong graded curriculum. Each book builds on the material presented in previous books. In this multi-subject curriculum your student will gain an in-depth understanding of science concepts and terminology. For a single subject, one-semester introductory curriculum see our Focus On Series.