Building Blocks Book 5 Bundle

Building Blocks Book 5 Bundle


The Building Blocks Book 5 Bundle includes a softcover Student Textbook (224 pp), a softcover Teacher's Manual (100 pp) and a softcover Laboratory Notebook (236 pp). Also included are a downloadable and printable Lesson Plan, complementary set of midterm and final quizzes, and FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders.  For Canada and international shipping charges call us at (505)-266-2761, or email


Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Book 5 Student Textbook has 22 chapters and gives students an in-depth look at the atomic model and periodic table, chemical bonding, how to define living organisms, biological cells, viruses, bacteria, force, energy, and work, plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes, Earth's layers, the Moon and the Sun, terrestrial and Jovian planets, and much more. Students begin open inquiry with suggested questions found in the Teacher’s Manual which also has directions for guiding the experiments. The Laboratory Notebook contains 22 experiments that explore topics covered in the Student Text. Experiments include modeling molecules, identifying chemical reactions, observing the effects of enzymes on starch, preparing agar plates and testing for bacteria, exploring gravitational potential energy, understanding the concept of work, observing the environment, testing minerals, modeling plate tectonics, observing constellations, modeling lunar and solar eclipses, and much more. Each book has 4 chapters of each of the 5 core science subjects (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy) and an introductory and a concluding chapter for a total of 22 chapters.

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Just what I was looking for!
Written by Christina on Nov 16th 2016

We have been homeschooling our 11 year old daughter for 2 years. Having been in the public school system for K-3 we know they do not hit science very hard, but I am homeschooling because I know we can do better than the public schools. We've struggled to find a comprehensive, secular science curriculum that was not simply one experiment after another. While there are weekly experiments with this program there is also a FANTASTIC text book that my daughter can independently read, which is how she learns best. The weekly experiments are easy and thought provoking. They are not trying to make you create a volcano or potato lamp in your kitchen every week, but they teach the concepts and specifically the scientific method. When you do need unusual materials, the teachers guide clearly lays out what you need and where to acquire the item. I compared prices between buying from the publisher or Rainbow Resources. Buying directly from the publisher was about $20 more expensive, but I got the quizzes/tests (3 total) and the Lesson Plans. Bot are WELL worth the added cost and make the entire curriculum come together. I can't praise this curriculum highly enough - it was exactly what we needed!