21 Super Simple Chemistry Experiments

21 Super Simple Chemistry Experiments

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The 21 Super Simple Chemistry Experiments workbook is a collection of 21 hands-on experiments related to the Real Science-4-Kids Chemistry curriculum. The experiments are simple and easy to do, yet they are real science experiments that help students develop the skills needed for real scientific investigation. Each experiment lists an objective, the materials needed, a brief outline of the experiment, and any graphics or illustrations needed for the experiment. The skill being explored is shown in the upper right-hand corner of each page. Doing science requires the development of different types of skills including the ability to make good observations, turning observations into questions and/or hypotheses, building and using models, analyzing data, using controls, and using different science tools. Super Simple Science Experiments break down scientific investigation so students can focus on one aspect of scientific inquiry at a time.  (Softcover 34 pages)

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The recommended companion book, Super Simple Science Experiments Laboratory Notebook, is a great place for students to record all the results of their experiments. It contains blank pages, lined pages, graph pages, and boxes for drawings.

Students can now keep all their science experiments in one place with the 101 Super Simple Science Experiments workbook which contains all five 21 Super Simple Science Experiments books: chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy.

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Great experiments for young kids!
Written by Dana Ogle on Jan 26th 2017

I bought this to accompany the K-4th grade chemistry book and the experiments are perfect difficulties for my kids at this level. They are super excited to use this book.