101 Super Simple Science Experiments

101 Super Simple Science Experiments

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101 Super Simple Science Experiments contains 101 one-page experiments with each one focusing on one aspect of scientific investigation. Doing science requires the development of different types of skills. These skills include the ability to make good observations, turning observations into questions and/or hypotheses, building and using models, analyzing data, using controls, and using different science tools including computers. Super Simple Science Experiments break down the steps of scientific investigation so that students can focus on one aspect of scientific inquiry at a time. The experiments are simple and easy to do, yet they are real science experiments that help students develop the skills needed for real scientific investigations. Each experiment is one page long and lists an objective, the materials needed, a brief outline of the experiment, and any graphics or illustrations needed for the experiment. The skill being explored is shown in the upper right hand corner of each page. (Softcover 124 pp)
101 Super Simple Science Experiments contains all five of the Real Science-4-Kids 21 Super Simple Science Experiments books - chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy. The recommended companion book, Super Simple Science Experiments Laboratory Notebook, is a great place for students to record all the results of their experiments. It contains blank pages, lined pages, graph pages, and boxes for drawings.

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Haven't Done An Exp. Yet
Written by Suzanna Lawson on Dec 9th 2015

(My perspective - I'm stay-at-home/homeschooling/certified mathematics teacher mom of a 2nd grader who is starting the Elementary Chemistry curriculum in the 'Real Science 4 Kids' curriculum... it is important to know my background before reading the review - the reason for only 4 and not 5 stars is at the bottom) This book is all of the experiments from all of the "super simple" series for Chem, Bio, etc. all combined in one book. This is an efficient way of purchasing all of the "super simple" experiments, if you were planning on getting each individual book as you go through the curriculum (this book would save on some shipping costs), or if you are doing an integrated science curriculum of some kind and you need supplementary experiments for each subject all at once. (It is important to note that these are unique experiments to the ones included in the curriculum for whatever subject - that is to say, the 10 experiments found in the Ele. Chem. lab workbook are a different 10 from any of the 'super simple' experiments in this book) I love the "at-a-glance" supply lists and how they are broken down by experiment and type of material, making prep super easy. I also love that the experiments are all designed to take about an hour and that there is only one page of instructions - 'super simple!' These experiments definitely in force the scientific method, that is clear even when just flipping through the book. As for the easy of instructions, the success of the experiments, the level of engagement it brings from the student, the level of rigor in the scientific concepts of the experiments - that I cannot review, because we haven't done the experiments yet (this is why only 4 stars - I'll update my review after I've completed a good number of the experiments with my children). But, I have no doubt I'll be pleased - Dr. Keller hasn't disappointed me yet!